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Re: Question on 16-50mm Kit Lens Power Zoom Function

jwocky wrote:

Webgeek, thanks so much for sharing your impressions.  Really enjoyed reading this entire thread with everyone's questions and comments.

I have a question and concern regarding the power zoom of the kit lens.  I'm coming from an SLR and am obviously used to mechanical zoom on the lenses.  How does the power zoom on the 16-50mm kit lens feel and operate?  I know you can zoom by using the lens ring when in AF mode, but how does the action compare to mechanical zoom lens?    Does it react (zoom in/out) instantly when you turn the ring, or is there some lag?  If so, how bad is the lag?

I would imagine that any lag will dissuade possible SLR users from converting.  And it's no wonder the battery life has been reported as poor on the NEX-6 since even regular zooming action eats up power.  Good thing clone batteries are cheap for the NEXT cameras

Hi jwocky;

Actually I have this same afraid feeling about power zoom. But like I have said in all the post, that I was rather surprise by the power zoom and the instantaneous zoom. It feel just like a mechanical zoom and it actually stop where I need it to be. The power zoom of the 16-50mm sure does not feel like those that we used to have on P&S camera where it have lags time. This power zoom is easy to use and feel really good. I am surprised and it changed my attitude toward power zoom. I have sold the old 18-55mm kit lens to buy this new lens.

So yes don't be afraid of this new power zoom, it is quite good and you will feel right at home with it. I have used many lens that is mechanical zoom. This is the only lens I have used power zoom and have no issue having it in my bag.

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