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Ysarex wrote:

vwcrusher wrote:

Thanks for the replies; PC it is, plus I will have the fun of building another computer!

I think that's a good choice. That's what I do as well. For the record I want to add a couple points and affirmations. I teach photo at the college level and I work at 3 different campuses that have 1. Mac Pros, 2. Top model iMacs and 3. Dell PCs. So I'm very familiar with both environments. The Dells suck. The Macs are fine, but my custom built Win7 system smokes them and cost $$$$ less.

I also have two Linux systems at home (mostly for Internet access). The software issue was noted and at this point I wouldn't personally move over to Mac because the software choices are more limiting there (no, I'm not interested in dual booting my Mac so I can run Win-only software). Macs do have the core critical software.

You mentioned a special concern for workflow. One aspect of that I didn't see mentioned in the thread (If I missed it sorry): Color Management. A useable workflow has to incorporate an end to end integrated color management system. You can't break a single link in the chain. For ease, effectiveness and implementation of comprehensive color management you gotta give the nod to Mac and kudos Apple for a long-standing commitment. You can do it on a Win7 system, but it's more work and you need to do your research. Back to those Linux boxes I have for Internet access -- the biggest reason I don't use them for photo work is I haven't been able to get an unbroken color management implementation in place; too much grief each time I've tried.


Just to add, if you're serious about color management, you should avoid the latest Apple screens, since they cannot be calibrated as well as other manufacturers' displays.

The Apple OS is of course a bit more stable for reasons already stated (less hardware variance, stricter control, less appetible target for virus makers) and it manages to squeeze more out of the same hardware than Windows does (although for less money you can buy much more tin for Windows to compensate).

For the rest it's user preference, unless you need some os-specific app that is available only for Mac or Win7

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