Oly 60/2.8 macro: ISO is increasing quicker than normal?

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Re: Effective aperture and magnification

dr_elis wrote:

Look in the manual of the lens, the (effective) aperture goes down the closer you are to the subject. At 1:1 (as close as possible that is) one shoots effectively at f/5.6, 1:2 gives f/4.5 and 1:4 results in f/3.5. Looks like you worked around 1:4, which corresponds to about 34 centimeters subject distance.

Sounds about right. I had always heard the rule of thumb was for 1:2 shooting you lose roughly a stop of light and at 1:1 you effectively lose two stops of light. Again, that was roughly, but it more or less lines up with the lens manual.

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