Noise & sharpness D7000 & 16-85 Nikkor lens, C & C welcome

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Noise & sharpness D7000 & 16-85 Nikkor lens, C & C welcome

I have uploaded 2 snaps , one of my boy and another of myself. The snaps have been tweaked on LR4 for noise, sharpness etc, however the concerns or queries are :

1. Noise:

If one blows it up, you can notice a lot of noise on my boys photo whereas barely any on my photo. Hence, does one normally really blow up a persons photo at such a distance to check for sharpness, noise etc (refer to the boys photo) or am I trying to achieve too much ?

2. Sharpness:

My photo definitely appears sharper, but is it because I am closer than my boy wrt to the camera ?

The focus points are on my left eye and on my boys T- shirt (around the chest). The Fstop on both is at 9 but the shutter speeds are slighlty different, the boys at 200 & mine at 400 (basically to compensate for the stronger sunlight). The focal length is 85 mm i case of my boy and at about 52 mm in case of my snap.

Boys snap Af-C 9 points and mine with Af-C Single, VR on in both the cases.

I somehow feel, that the 16-85 appears to be sharp with close-ups , i.e. when the subject to camera distance is short - probably within 1 - 2 meters, but as soon as one goes further the sharpness drops

or is it that at 85 mm, I am pushing the limits of my lens, whereas at 52 it is in a sweet spot. But the MTF reports on indicate that at both the focal lengths, the lens should be sharp? at both 50 & 85 mm  at F8 it is just above 1950 for center resolution which is excellent and even borders touch 1950

Or finally it is simple a case of the amount of light falling on me v/s on my boy which is making all teh difference?

Please let me have your comments

My photo

My boys snap

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