Hogan weighs in on the "DX is dead" nonsense

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Kerry Pierce wrote:

Thom Hogan published an article on Oct 14, detailing why DX isn't dead and why isn't isn't going to die anytime soon.  It's a rather long article, but well worth reading, no matter what you happen to think at the moment about DX viability.  Read it here .

There are some important points that Thom makes on the issue.  I certainly agree with most everything he says in that article.  Having owned a d700 and a d300 since 2008 & 2007 respectively, and having used both on almost every shoot that I've done since, I have no illusions as to the capability of either format.  I acquired a d7000 and a d3s, in February of this year and a d5100 3 weeks ago.  The d3s is an amazing camera, probably every bit as amazing as the latest FX offerings. But, the d7000 and d5100 sensors are every bit as amazing, in their own right, giving DX performance that is unsurpassed for IQ.

The d3s cost me a ton of money, so I'll probably use it until the wheels fall off.  But, I can foresee a time where a DX camera will be all that I'll need for the vast majority of my shooting.  Unlike the days of the d300/d700, the differences in DX/FX performance at high ISO aren't so critical now and will be less so in the future.  Sure, there will still be times when FX sensors will have big advantages, but it will be at the fringes for most people. I expect the d400 and d7100 to be amazing cameras in their own right.  I don't expect them to equal the d800/d600 for sensor performance, but I do expect them to be more than good enough for most normal photography.

I am very glad that Nikon has made the great strides forward in sensor performance that it has and I'm equally glad that we have both DX and FX cameras available. I've really enjoyed using both formats for the last few years and I expect to continue using both, well into the future.  I think that when the d400 finally arrives, it will be well worth the wait and I'm looking forward to the day when I can put one in my bag.


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Dont Sony make most of Nikon's sensors these days?

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