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abused features

Don_D wrote:

It's not a "popularity contest".  It's a way to separate and note worthwhile posts and posters and to mark for others to see trolls and those who post inflammatory, worthless and derogatory stuff.

The intent of a feature and its actual use can be very different.  The rules say, "Downvotes are not for opinions you disagree with – they are for posts you feel add nothing to the conversation and/or contain factually inaccurate information."  Now look at Simon's first post in this thread.  He wrote:

"You will only be able to rate posts (not users) and we will build reputation scores based on many factors (including the number of upvotes/downvotes). Your reputation score will also be affected by how you up/down vote (downvoting, and complaining about posts that break no rules) will reduce your reputation score, for example)."

I happen to hate the idea of this website building up "reputation scores" for users, especially if such a score is based in part on something as easily abused as thumbs up/thumbs down ratings, and I think Simon's post is a good example of this.  The information he gave clearly adds to the discussion and is factually accurate, but he got four thumbs down votes (not from me!).  This will adversely, and unfairly, affect his "reputation score," whatever that happens to look like when implemented.

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