Wide Converter DMW-LW36 on Nikon 10mm f2.8

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Re: Wide Converter DMW-LW36 on Nikon 10mm f2.8

I recently purchased the new Nikon1V1 camera and love it. A point and shoot camera with interchangeable lenses. Wow. The pictures are bright and detailed, and as has been in the past the Nikkor lenses are the best. I use this lens all the time. While it's expensive, and I understand that Nikon sets the prices for its products and any seller has to abide the price, its worth the money to me to know that the lens will last for years and years to come. It takes in a great deal in the picture, has a low enough f stop to include pictures with low light and does very well with both landscapes and low light sunsets.

I would recommend the lens to anyone serious about making great photos.

More Detail : http://webcamerawebcamera.com/detail.php?id_detail=Nikon-1-NIKKOR-10mm-f-2-8&website=http://forums.dpreview.com

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