More elinchrom woes & request for PW help?

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Re: More elinchrom woes & request for PW help?

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Jack, the Pocketwizards you should go with for the Einsteins are the Control TL system. There are dedicated modules. The Flexes can work with Aluen Bees. I would lok at he Pocket Wizard blog and the myriad of videos on the subject.

PWs woth the BXRIs are more problematic. You cam use the Flexes but im not sure whether they can control output on he BXRIs like thet can with hot shoe flashes and the Bees with the AC9.

If the replacement BXRI wasn't flashing at all, was it in the proper channel or group? At the very least it should fire on the optical slave.

The Pocket Wizard Plus II or newer and less expensive Plus III  work well. But you don't have the same ability to control strobe output from the camera like with the Control TL system. (There are further options with Elinchrom and the ST4 on the 600 RX buti get he sense yu want to move back to Buff.

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It wasn't misfiring 100% of the time. It just loses it's connection with the transmitter periodically. It's not unique to this particular unit. All my elinchrom flashes have done this periodically. If you turn the flash off and on it'll reconnect with the transmitter.

And I don't necessarily need or want the remote power capability with the PWs, particularly because I probably wouldn't be using the alienbees units.

If I do switch, I'll just live without being able to do remote power changes. Tough decision because that's one of the main reasons I switched but at this point there are several issues with the elinchrom.

1) Reliability 1 (flashes which lose connections with transmitters)

2) Reliability 2 (modeling light which on one unit fades in and out)

3) Power doesn't go down low enough

However, on the Einsteins

1) No handle

2) UI is bad

3) Remotes are horrible

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