iMac & Tower Refresh: Share your rumour thoughts

Started Oct 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jen Yates Senior Member • Posts: 1,414
Re: iMac & Tower Refresh: Share your rumour thoughts

The iMac's getting a brand new design (slimmer but still has chin) with a glass bonded TFT screen (Like the rMBP). Jury is out on whether the screens will get a resolution bump but I would expect to see a moderate one.

As to the towers... there's no leaks or anything at the moment so I think we'll wait until Q1 (or Q2!) next year for an update. I'd like them to produce someone with a lower cost of entry but with easier upgrade potential than the mini / iMac range. With todays low power CPUs there's no reason why a "New Mac Pro" has to be as big as the current machine.

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