16-50 pancake kit lens

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Re: Rupe: 16-50 pancake kit lens

Sergey Borachev wrote:

More likely that Sony achieved both small size and wider range at the same time by doing with Panasonic does best in its lenses, i.e. with "terrific" distortion and chromatic aberration that will need some strong and lossy software correction.  I would be happy if this new lens icould be as good or limited optically as the old 18-55mm.  That's quite an achievement already, if you consider that Sony does it at a very affordable price.

Looking at the WA shots of the 16-50 in the DPR gallery, I see the same border/corner softness resulting from stretching that you see with compacts like Canon S100, Sony RX100. Not nice for landscape style and architecture photography, but for the average user probably good enough. And to me these images look pretty good because the CA and distortion are well corrected in camera, naughty CA on WA lenses can be very disturbing ... If it is about as good as the old 18-55mm (and better than the 2.8/16mm ?) they did a really good job.

Another question is if there are maybe unusual problems e.g. with flare/internal reflections or the IS unit because of the new optical/mechanical design. We have seen some of those with other manufacturers, and they aren't always spotted in a review (mostly controlled studio shots etc.).

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