Is there at least one happy Fuji P&S camera shooter?

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Re: Is there at least one happy Fuji P&S camera shooter?

mark625 wrote:

New HS30 owner here. Previous owner of a Canon superzoom (an old S3). I actually liked that camera but it can't shoot decent high ISO shots. Come day time point the lens on twigs against the bright sky and you'll have lots of purple fringing. I think those are the only things I didn't like about it.
The reasons why I bought the HS30 are:
1. The promise of better low light shots due to the EXR technology
2. The better lens (no PF!)
3. Dynamic Range, again brought by EXR.

I'm still at the "getting-to-know" stage so can't really say if I'm on the Happy Camp. The above reasons have been met but the biggest surprises so far are:

1. LCD does not show actual exposure of the image!!! Seriously?! Guess I'll have to rely on the histogram/exposure guide and hope this camera makes a better photographer out of me.

2. EXR High ISO Low Noise overexposes even at -2/3 (I'm on the latest firmware). Though I don't think it would bother me much as I'm an A or P guy.

Another thing that worries me are the batteries... where did you guys buy your spare? I'm planning to buy an extra third party battery but dunno where... Fuji's are not very famous here in the Philippines. (If it would only take my Eneloops...)

After months of ownership and full-blown usage just these past three days. I consider myself an unhappy user.

Two things:

1. Purple blotch in the center when you take shots with the sun up ahead.This puts a limit on what I can and cannot shot which does not exist in my previous camera.

2. Unpredictable exposure modes so I can't use A or P mode properly. With the live view not working in manual mode and the exposure bar at the bottom extremely unreliable, you'll find yourself chimping more than you are willing to.

The zoom, DR (for a point and shoot), and high ISO are good but using it is so frustrating... I now know that my next camera won't be a Fujifilm.

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