I find it hard to believe

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Re: I find it hard to believe

Brian D. Schneider wrote:


bobn2 wrote:

that these flow marks have been there for millions of years:

(from http://marsprogram.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/images/)

I mean, unless this planet is completely geologically and meteorologically inactive, wouldn't marks like this get obscured in quite a short time?

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I can't believe these flow streams are not done in Photoshop , in a secret lab somewhere on the dark side of the moon .

It could even be the work of the flat earth society , or the Catholic Church because it would prove that God tried to make life on Mars and failed .

But to answer your question , you need to know that Mars has very little atmosphere . The mars level ( as we might say ( earth level ) here on planet earth ) , atmospheric pressure is only .01 % of the atmospheric pressure here on Planet earth .

This would mean there is very little flying dust to settle and bury these flow streams , making them invisible to the cameras we put there .

Actually Mars has huge dust storms that can cover the whole planet. That's a LOT of dust.

So Brian , are you saying these huge planet covering dust storms have been dropping dust over the whole planet for hundreds of millions or billions or years , except for this one spot we are looking at here ?

It doesn't look like a lot of dust has settled on it . Maybe what looks like a lot of dust from the Hubble is in fact about .100529 ounces of real flying dust .

Or it just could be that this water flow is only about five months old .

Maybe my theory of the secret Photoshop lab on the dark side of the Moon is the only logical explanation .


Only meteor and astoride colisions and the debri they scatter would have any effect on these flow streams of on Mars .

I prefer the secret lab on the dark side of the Moon theory as the only explanation for this stream like appearance .

That would be Farside, there is no such thing as a permanent dark side. (but I'm sure you must know that)

I also withhold my identy so I won't be called bad words .


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