Are people jumping on 5N deals?

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Re: Are people jumping on 5N deals?

JohnyP wrote:

Seems like the price is right to pick one up, but i'm personally hesitant. Even though i think the quality is great, the form factore and the size with some of the lenses makes it an awkward camera. Especially when trying to travel light.

I sold my 5d Mk II for a Nex-5n, one of the major reasons being the lighter weight. If you compare it to a DSLR, you can't really find a lens that will make the Nex be nearly as heavy. Even with a clunky 18-200 on there, you'll get a combined approximate weight of only a DSLR body. And while it may occasionally look awkward, there's really no way to avoid this if you want a small camera with a quality lens.

I'm not telling you that it's perfect for you, but I personally really like the light weight and image quality I get from the Nex, especially when comparing to my former 5d2, which of course has superior image quality, but it's pretty obvious that it would. I used to get neck pains and dizzy spells from carrying around a 5d2 with lenses (close to 20 pounds of gear), but with the Nex I honestly sometimes have to check my bag since it's so light it feels like it's empty. If you want a light camera with great image quality, the deals on the 5N are indeed very good right now. Only obvious downside to the Nex is the limited lens selection, but I still think it's decent, and it's slowly getting better.

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