RX100.... I'm so torn! Ugh!

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RX100.... I'm so torn! Ugh!

RX100 vs. the competition....

First, I have a Canon 60d with a decent array of lenses, as well as an LX3, a Fuji F200EXR, and a 20x zoom "Costco Special" Panasonic with HD video (not a huge fan but decent for simple outdoor stuff).

My main need is to have an alternative to the 60d with decent zoom and low-light capabilities so I won't feel "disadvantaged" when I carry the smaller camera.  IQ is important, obviously, but I'm not a pixel peeper, at least not as of yet.  I doubt I'll shoot much RAW for now, but that is a direction in which I'd like to go in the future....for which I can use my 60d.

Right now I'm mainly looking at the RX100 and the Nikon P7700.  Pretty different, I know...

Pros for the P7700... Longer zoom, flip out screen (which I use surprisingly often on my 60d, especially with video at my kids' sporting events), good aperture ratings even at full zoom, hot shoe, filter attachments without adapters, ND filter, feels good and sturdy in the hand (though a little big), and lots of mechanical controls as opposed to having to sort through on-screen menus.  I should mention that I rarely carry a camera in my pocket, even when it's pocketable.  I feel that it's safer in a good case and in my hand than in my pocket...no lint that way.  Lastly, it's been said to take pretty good pictures...kind of important.

The obvious pros for the RX100 are the sensor and the size, and IQ is unquestionably superior to any compact, especially at higher ISO.  Cons...all I can think of are smaller zoom, narrower aperture at zoom (somewhat negated by the sensor), and the price.  I'm also a little concerned about the sturdiness and have heard that some have found dust particles in the lens.

Other candidates are the Fuji X10 and upcoming XF1, Panny LX7, as I'm a fan of my LX3...but still somewhat limited zoom....but 24mm on the wide end...for which I can use my 60d or my LX3 still....decisions, decisions!

Price is an object only in that I want a good value.  I can spend the $150 more for the Sony, but do I want to?

I know this is a dead horse that has been repeatedly beat, but any input is appreciated.  Please respond if you wish so I can pick my new toy with a clear conscience.


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