Banding advice (seems pretty bad even at iso 100)

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Re: Balancing the light is the key

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Even though there is no "good" solution for mixed lighting it may help with the exposure calculations and therefor banding issue.

Yes, the 80A plus Auto WB setting helps the cam to make a good calculation of how much usable light there really is. The light meter is really badly thrown, with most sensors of any type, by incandescent and fluorescent, seeing more useful light than there is, and hence producing an aberrant exposure. I actually perform the same trick with an FL-Day filter in season. You don't actually lose two stops of light, only two stops of light which will otherwise be read but won't produce correct exposure.

N.B. my method with my Pentaxes is to set a daylight WB not Auto for the best result.

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Agreed.  I tend to color correct for whatever the dominate color temperature in the scene.  For example is the scene is mostly with incandescent lighting, I'll put  Sticky filter on the flash for incandescent lighting--using whichever filter is closest to the intensity of the light.  If daylight is the predominate lighting feature, then I'll pull all the incandescent bulbs out of the lights and put in daylight rated fluorescent bulbs in the lamps in a scene and then color correct my flash using it to warm up or cool the scene as a fill light.  I tend to stay away from lens filters nowadays but I've got a full compliment of just about every filter color available for color correction.  The most important thing is to have it look as natural as possible whatever I do.

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Try these settings.

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