Photoshop PS 5 question

Started Oct 11, 2012 | Questions thread
Londongal Senior Member • Posts: 1,918
Re: Photoshop PS 5 question

Hi Neil,

Was hoping Pixel Grid was your issue...I've seen people here have issues with the Pixel Grid when their image reaches high magnifications (300% or so and up) a couple of years ago and thought I would offer it as a possible solution. Once you posted your screen shot, it was clear you had a different issue. I do hope you can solve this!

It may take a few more days for people to see your example; there are some really skilled Photoshop people who frequent this forum so a solution may still be forthcoming. You could also post your screen shot in the Mac or PC forum (depending on what system you are using). Someone there may be able to help. Good luck and I hope your health is now back on track!


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