The purpose of SPP

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Re: The purpose of SPP

motomanDK wrote:

This is how i see, value and use SPP - it works for me and i am happy with it.  Even sorting out and post processing several hundred of wedding pictures is no problem.

All CMOS sensors create noise and/or are sensitive to noise - this is a Canon 5DmII picture without noise reduction:

So the noise reduction HAS to be done at some point (and removal of other sensor/converter related artifacts) - Canon choose to do it in the camera, since the DIGIT processor probably is more powerful compared to the TRUE processor in Sigma cameras.  Therefore i think (believe) that Sigma is doing the picture 'restoration' with SPP.

I have managed to catch a screenshot just when the picture is loaded (or the embedded jpg?) and before the 'restoreration' has been done:

After the restoration i press 'Auto' and the picture looks like this:

Sometimes i use the 'X3 fill light' a little but thats more the exception than the rule.  Then i export the picture as 16bit .tiff and do the 'makeup' in LightRoom.  I don't always use 'Auto' - actually i only use it if the picture is a little underexposed, it feels like SPP is better to find the optimal balance compared to me skills.

Only error in SPP 5.3.2 i have noticed is the (sometime) missing EXIF info in .tiff files.

Maybe i am wrong, but i am sure i will be corrected then - so if someone has a better explanation i am looking forward to hear about it.

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I am confident that Sigma is doing their best in SPP concerning interpreting sensor output. It seems in fact that most concur with this, yet SPP does not show the raw picture on the screen, so one has to convert to 16-bit tiff in order to try to preserve the image, hoping to view an approximation of what the Merrill sensor has to offer.

The quality conversion from x3f to tiff is the first concern, the second one being tiff itself, and I have to figure the specifics of what subtype is used and how it compares to other formats like OpenEXR, Linear DNG, JPEG XR and why Greg Ward developed Logluv TIFF if tiff was so perfect in the first place....

So it's mostly the second step, where SPP 5.3.2 as (unfortunately) unable to display a Merrill image, gives no other choice than a 16bpc tiff, and then how well that conversion goes and the tiff format constraints is a preoccupation.


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