New D800 first photos very impressive,lots to learn but easy to use,especially from a canon user.

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Re: custom settings ...

Fred Mueller wrote:

I think you can reverse most of the things that go "the wrong way" from trad. Canon controls if you look at the custom menus carefully ... on a D600 (what I got - likely the same for D800 or close by) "f5" "Customize Command Dials" has a sub setting for reversing the dial rotation effect for both exposure comp and f stop ... and you can also swap the +/- scales with custom setting 'f8" "Reverse Indicators".  Between all of that flexibility, I think you can get your D800 to mimic your familiar Canon operation, without re-learning muscle memory. Why do it if you don't have to?

nice shots !!

Yes i learnt that today,Might give it a go.i'll will  sell all my canon gear so i cant use that and confuse my self again.

but i'd rather stay with the nikon set up ,i got used to the menu very quickly i just need more time on the custom set up.

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