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malch wrote:

I currently own a D200 with a good selection of glass. I have three issues with my current setup:

1. High-ISO performance is lacking. I don't much care for anything over 800 ISO.

2. I have no interest in FX (see below) and hence I feel neglected and unloved by Nikon

3. But more seriously, increasing years and an old spinal injury have made carrying my D200 setup a serious problem. I simply have to move to something considerably lighter for at least 75% of my shooting.

I am currently agonizing over two possible strategies and would appreciate some comments or feedback from the esteemed members of this group.

Strategy 1 involves buying a Sony RX-100 as a complement to my D200. I certainly shouldn't have a problem carrying this dinky little bad boy around all day. Chances are I'd sell some of my Nikon glass/accessories and certainly enough to cover the cost of the RX-100. But I'd retain the D200 and a good amount of glass for those occasions when the weight was manageable.

Strategy 2 involves a more complete desertion from the Nikon camp with a mirrorless or similar setup. A Leica M9 would work but that's not going happen Of the more affordable options, I am really liking the look of the Sony NEX6. I'd most likely sell more of my Nikon gear although there is scope to utilize some of my Nikkor glass with a NEX and adapter. But I'd also have a chance to actually see which lenses would prove useful on a NEX body before making that decision.

Very different strategies without much in common although they're both Sony. I'm really not a Sony fanboy but I do think they're heading in a direction which serves my needs better than Nikon or Canon.

Either way, I am going to be making some sacrifices/compromises and I'm willing to accept that. It's certainly better than having to leave all of my gear at home and capturing no images at all.


What kind of shooting?  Which lenses?  I don't know, I'd like to see you rent/borrow a D7000 and see if it suits you well.  It's smaller and lighter, and you would have a solid basis of comparison with the lenses you have.

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