Using AF Tuning on a 70-200: when to send in for repair?

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Re: Just had my D800 serviced for the defective left AF bank

Michael Benveniste wrote:

Flaws of the magnitude you describe?  No.  The difference between +20 and 0 on a D700 is easily seen.

Yes I agree .... but if the user rarely uses that focal length, they may not notice. Just as D800 owners that use only the center AF point, and never use left outer AF's on wide fast lenses wide open, would not know if their camera has the left bank defect.  Does that mean their D800 does not have the defect?

Cite please.  I've never seen any such recommendation from Canon, Pentax, or Nikon.

Michael, I have nothing to prove to you.  Go call CPS if you want to.

You admit you're not rigorous about your testing.  I own and use a LensAlign MkII and know very well how little things can change the outcome.  If I was to get a result like you're getting, I would ask for a second opinion as well.

As stated ... I do not have a friend can test this out.

You didn't even say which version of the 70-200mm you had!  Instead, you left it to readers to infer you had the VR-I version because of its age.

I would think a scientific mind would ask clarification questions before jumping to conclusions.

My insight, such as it is, is that the symptoms you describe are extremely unusual, and much more so in a lens where you didn't notice a problem in 3+ years of shooting.

As stated, I shoot this lens mostly at or near 200mm.  Looking over prior images I have processed, I can't seem to find any less that 150mm.  That is where I tested this lens in the past, but did find a few 70mm images using Lensalign pre-D800 repair, set at +20, showing the front focus still evident. I didn't pay attention to these at the time.  So, as stated, I believe this condition has been there all along.

Here's an image taken with this lens set at +20, pre-D800 repair.  190mm, from around 35 feet away, 3200, f2.8, AF point on the general's face.

In repeated tests post-repair, carefully measured, set up, and shot, this lens now needs 0 tuning at 200mm.

But heck, go ahead and send it in.  I'm sure we can pick up the discussion after you get a $300 estimate from Nikon, or after you get it back, retest and discover yet a different set of symptoms.

For someone who seems to claims to have an open mind, you sure seem certain about this ... a lens you have never seen.  Now, if I get charged $300, then surely you would not suggest Nikon would perform a non-required service? So, if I do get charged, then then lens needs service, correct?  If not, then I'm out the the cost of mailing it in ... but have the knowledge that the lens is within specs. That is worth $50 to me. Besides, since the lens is under 5 years old, this kind of repair would be covered under warranty.

Unless you think that it is wrong to have a lens with in need of repair serviced at all, because that clogs up the service center ...

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