Still debating whether to buy the OM-D E-M5

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Re: Agree with John. If you have the money, do not hesitate longer.

I'm currently in Peru and just bought a OM-D to take on the trip. I'd planned to use my Fuji x pro-1 but I was spooked by the prediction of rain.

The fuji is great, and the focusing problems are mostly gone with the new firmware. But how to keep it dry?

I too have big hands (wear a 8 1/2 medical glove) and I find that while the OM-D is very small, I've been able to get used to which buttons are where and what they do. I bought it 2 days before the trip and am traveling with a printed copy of the manual since that which comes with the camera is terrible. It's really hard to set up the camera well.

Nonetheless, it takes excellent images with simple settings. Almost all the images I've taken so far have been with aperture priority, auto ISO. It works well, including with my Panny 20mmf1.7 and f4 7-14. Both are spectacular on the OM-D, and it confers IBIS. Not water proof though, but best of all, since I bought the OM-D, the rain went away.

As for Canikon, they'll probably get around to coming up with something attractive but how long will it take for them to have a good complement of lenses? m43 is there already. Fuji x is close. The window finder on the x pro 1 (and x-110) is great. The OM-D's evf is pretty darn good, but you can't see outside the frame like you can with Fuji.

There's always something better on the horizon.  Keep waiting and you'll never get a kit that doesn't hurt your back.

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