Nikon D600 with manual focus lenses

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Re: Yes and no

I primarily have manual focus lenses for my D600.

The factory focusing screen is far from ideal, but works as long as there is enough light. It is very fine grained, so it lacks the 'snap' you get on something like a film F or FM camera. I can focus the 50 reasonably accurate, if there is enough light, but find 35mm ia a little more difficult to dial in.

Obviously the D600 lacks the split prism and Nikon doesn't seem to offer one, which is a real pity. The focus confirmation dot in the viewfinder is helpful.

Katzeye makes very good replacement screens, but they have not yet announced one for the D600.

I would suggest sending them an email. The more people prod them, the more likely they are to produce one.

Custom Focusing Screens - KatzEye Optics

So, yes it works, as long as there is enough light. But compared to a nice coarse or split prism screen it's less than ideal. Zone focusing is your friend.

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