First Shots in New Home Studio. C&C Invited. Plus, a few questions

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First Shots in New Home Studio. C&C Invited. Plus, a few questions

Thanks in no small part to advice received by the many kind people in this forum (too many to name, but it would be remiss of me not to acknowlege Sailor Blue, Nikonparrothead and Jack A Zucker) I now have a stack of Elinchrom gear (4 x BXRi500, 175cm Octa, 130x50cm strip bank, 4x66cm portalite) plus my existing Quadra Ranger kit and a no-name 150cm Octa.

Yesterday I had a bit of a play when a guest popped in. My aim was some basic, flat(ish) lighting with an infinite white background:

- Main: octa camera left at approx 45 deg to model and just out of frame

- Fill: strip camera right, approx 45 deg to model and half power of Octa

- Background: light on each side with bare (no baffles) 66cm portalites pointed at white backdrop at approx 45 deg and approx one stop above the main light.

- Model around 2-3m (6-9 feet) from BG.

A couple of samples:


- I had trouble measuring the strength of the BG lights with my meter. I tried holding it behind the model's head and also closer to the BG. How's it supposed to be done?

- A lot of the shots looked milky with a lack of contrast. At the time I assumed the rear lights were too strong and turned them down/repositioned them. In retrospect, I wonder if the ambient light was too high (sunny day outside).

- Is my idea of blowing out the BG with a pair of open 66cm softboxes a good one? I don't own any reflectors/barn door sets, etc.


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