Advice on lenses for America trip

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Re: Advice on lenses for America trip

M89R wrote:

Hello, I have just ordered a NEX-7 and I am thinking about which lenses to buy for it for a 3 month trip I am going on to America in April.

At the moment this is my thinking:

  • SEL-16F28 + UWC
  • 18-55mm kit lens
  • SEL-35F18 (Or the Sigma 30mm if I can't afford the Sony 35mm)

However I keep getting a nagging feeling that I might need a telephoto like the SEL-55210 but I will not be able to afford that as well as the SEL-16F28 and SEL-35F18. So I am just wondering what people's opinions are on this? Do I need a telephoto? Is just the 16mm, kit, and 35mm sufficient?

Also if anybody is interested, this is my planned (and very ambitious) route for America.

Thanks in advance.

Well, I bought my NEX-7 last spring just before going on a trip to the SW; Sadona, Grand Canyon Zion, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, and Los Vegas.  I bought the big 18-200mm zoom just for the occasion.  When I got home and viewed all the pics, I found out they were nearly all taken at the wide-angle of the zoom.  All you will really need is your 18-55mm kit lens.  It's much more compact, and lighter then carrying around a big zoom you will most likely not use.

Out of curiosity, why are you buying the NEX-7 ?  Steve Huff likes the NEX-6 much better.   See his review at

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