Refillable Cartridges for R3000

Started Aug 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mike Dobbs Senior Member • Posts: 1,089
Re: There a few good 3rd party inks out there...

Petruska wrote:

1. The R3000 refillable carts that Cone sells are very simple to refill and reset, look at the R3000 refilling video on the inkjetmall.

2. Cone inks match the OEM extremely well to the point that the ICC proflies provided by Red River will match the results of OEM inks when using the Cone inks.

I have customed profiled the Cone inks and there was very little differences in print quality compared to the OEM driver, OEM ICC profiles, and 3rd party paper ICC profiles.

3. I have evaluated Image Specialists inks (sold by Precision Colors on ebay) and they have good color matching to OEM but not up to par on matching gloss. Ink Republic's inks had a funny magenta, but I heard here that they recently changed the formula so they may be fine now, gloss was ok. Cone matches OEM color and gloss very well. Cone is not cheap, others are, your call.....

Bob P.

Regarding the new ConeColorPro inkset...the site mentioned something about the Advanced Black&White not being as good as with OEM ink. Does anyone here have an opinion about that?

Thinking of going with Cone refills but this point is making me hesitate...



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