16-50 pancake kit lens

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Re: Rupe: 16-50 pancake kit lens

captura wrote:

Now comparing the old NEX zoom (18-55) zoom with the new 16-50, I would be looking at the big weakness of the 18-55. That it's really only usefull between about 25mm to 40mm, due to terrific distortion. View the tests at SLQ.

So what is the useful range of the new 16-50 in comparison? Hopefully, the entire 16-50mm?

You can keep hoping, but it is unlikely.  More likely that Sony achieved both small size and wider range at the same time by doing with Panasonic does best in its lenses, i.e. with "terrific" distortion and chromatic aberration that will need some strong and lossy software correction.  I would be happy if this new lens icould be as good or limited optically as the old 18-55mm.  That's quite an achievement already, if you consider that Sony does it at a very affordable price.

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