Lenses for new high-end DX camera D400/D310/D9000/D7100

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The main reason the small 1.8 primes are popular is that they are cheap. That is not a trait that a low volume specialty ultrawide prime would have.

I find that my investment in glass has gone almost all to FX even when I had no intention of leaving DX. They just had the optical quality I wanted. So it was relatively painless to move to a D800 but I still shoot with the D7000 and they share the same glass. For hobbyists, I don't think that many that I know buy much DX glass for their DX cameras.

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Good points. I agree that I hightly doubt a say 35mm 1.4 DX lens would sell much at a $1,000+ price point. People would just buy the FF version again, IMHO, reinforcing this trend.

Now if I can just save up enough cash for a 70-200 VRII + 24mm 1.4 I can move to a D600 or D800.

My favorite current best DX lens is the 70-200 F/2.8 VR1.

100-400 F/4.0 VR would be my dream DX lens. Would go well with a D400 :-)))

For travel I would like to see an updated 18-200 of some sort... I use a D5100 as a travel camera now, and i would love to see the tiny D3200B - B for "basic" as in basic knobs for what experienced photographers use, sort of like on some of the Fuji cameras.  No video, no auto mode, just a A-M-S-U1-U2-U3 dial, WB-EXP-ISO-QUAL dial, AE and AF Dial/Button, and a command dial.  The P7700 is approaching this a little bit, but I would like it very basic. Put the D7000 autofocus sensor in a single point sensor mode... not that I'm a big fan of that sensor, but the D3200/D5100 stuff is horrid, and I want them to have the good stuff on the D400.

I have a 14-24 F/2.8 I use on FX only, a couple of primes for FX, and I would be set!

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