Advice on lenses for America trip

Started Oct 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
flint-hill Senior Member • Posts: 1,215
Re: Advice on lenses for America trip

Is just the 16mm, kit, and 35mm sufficient?

Unless you want to take wildlife shots, this combination plus the VCL-ECU1 ought to do just fine.  The Sigma 30 is a very sharp lens -- a huge bargain.   Your timeline is extended enough that you will be able to read reviews of the 35/1.8 before you have to make a decision.

The 16mm is selling for $150 on ebay new, unboxed, take-offs.  I just got one and it's fine.  No factory warranty, but supposedly a guarantee that it will work on delivery.  Mine did, so that's untested.   Got it from bigvalueinc, with which I have no affilation other than as acustomer.

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