Microfiber bag/sleeve for S95?

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Re: Microfiber bag/sleeve for S95?

PaulRivers wrote:


I wanted an s90 because of it's size, so I could carry it around in my jeans pocket 24/7.

So I tried just dropping it in my pocket - the back screen started getting scratched by my keys.

So I moved all of my stuff out of that pocket so just the camera was in the pocket. That worked better and I didn't seem to get any more scratches, but then the lens started filling up with pocket lint. It would likely be fine if I was just putting the camera in my pocket sometimes, but since it's in there 24/7 after a few weeks it became noticeable.

So I bought this microfiber pouch to keep the camera in -


"PROMASTER® DigiPouch Microfiber Camera Pouch (small Black)"

That's the link to the local store I bought it from here in Minnesota, but I know they sell it a bunch of other places to.

I carried my s90 around in my pocket for a year and it's worked great - didn't have any additional scratches, lint, etc. I've been carrying my s95 in the same pouch since it came out (about 2 months now?) and there isn't a single scratch on the back screen.

The pouch is also the most minimalist I could find. No front flap, no extra pockets, etc etc. And it's exactly the right size for an s90/s95 - any bigger and it would be wasted floppy fabric, any smaller and it would become difficult to get the camera in and out of the pouch.

Paul, do you still recommend this pouch for the Canon S95? I know that two years is a lifetime with these gadgets...

We have an ELPH 300 and a microfiber pouch meant for a cellphone fits the tiny (and wonderful) 300 perfectly.

I would like the analogous pouch for my S95...which I still love.

Any other suggestions?


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