Some shots from the Vancouver skids ...

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Re: Some very good shots...

Mentor_1 wrote:

linux99 wrote:

Yes indeed.

I was saddened and mildly disgusted that a person would find it entertaining to spend their free time like this. As I said our photos say as much about us as the subject - so I was indeed moved to say something.

So photos of people having fun would be better for you, you do not want to see the reality of East Hastings in VCR. Shame on you, it is life at the bottom and we cannot simply view life at the top. Perhaps if we see enough of the life these poor sots have we may be encouraged to help raise them from the bottom, to perhaps provide more for them rather than just an indignant passing glance and hope they go away. Well the truth is they will not go away, not without some serious help from you and I and anyone else that can help. Pray that you don't ever become destitute and meet only folks with your ideals. It would be fatal for you.

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I rather pray that I never see anyone as ".. disgusting .... parasites living off my taxes, very much so." like the photographer seems proud to boast that he sees the people in these pictures.

I think that if you read the whole thread you will see that the shame is on you for going off half cock.

I await you apology for the gross misinterpretation of the thread.

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