Upgrading from d40 to d600. 1K lens Budget. Go!

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Re: Upgrading from d40 to d600. 1K lens Budget. Go!

Guidenet wrote:

Jacob did a superb job of summing it up the way I'd feel as well. The 28-300 is ok, but not of the overall quality I'd want to put on a 24 megapixel camera. I'd get rid of that idea in a hurry.

The kit 24-85 VR is quite a nice lens and when bought with the camera in a bundle will save you a hundred dollars they say. I'd also sell every lens you own except maybe the 50mm. Actually, I'd dump that as well. No reason to shoot DX mode on a FX camera. It might just dissappoint. It would me.

I like the idea of getting the excellent Nikon 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 VR to start with. Let that kit lens be your temporary portrait lens or the wide side of the 70-300 does fine in a pinch too. No creamy bokeh but good enough until you decide to get an 85 f/1.8 or f/1.4.

That would be it for now or forever depending on your need for a superwide. You've been doing without a superwide for so long, you might not want one. On the other hand, it's something to explore when and if you decide to take that next step and get super serious about your photography. In that case, I'd be looking at the very sharp 16-35 f/4 which is about like a 10-20 on your D40. It can open up some new avenues you've not yet explored as long as you don't use it to "get it all in" and instead learn how to use it to show space and depth by climbing into your subject.

You might at some time decide on a macro lens too. Again, that might open up some real fun long term and later. Just something to think about. I like spending your money.

Most of all have fun and take time to learn how to process your own RAW files with a good editor. Try Adobe Elements and ACR first.

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Cheers, Craig
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I agree with everything Craig said. I would only add that there's no way I would sell the 50mm. At least try it out on the D600 and see what you think. If it isn't getting used after a while, then consider selling it.

50mm on FX is such a great all around focal length. I agree the 1.8G is better than the 1.8d, but at least keep the d until you decide how it works for your shooting and if you're gonna want the G.

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