5N sweep panorama problems "Moving too fast error"

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Re: 5N sweep panorama problems "Moving too fast error"

DuncanDovovan wrote:

BennyKingston wrote:

I should have mentioned that all the attempts were made using the kit lens at 18mm.

I've had 3 that worked and probably 15 that produced that moving too fast message, even when I slowed way down.

I guess this happens when the in-camera stiching cannot find good points to stitch the pictures together.

Could it be that you had elements that were very close? Like a garden fence or so that was just a couple of meters away from you?

I had problems with my 5N finding good stitch points.

To start, I used sweep panorama outdoors in bright sunlight, capturing distant vistas with the kit lens.  I had absolutely no problems.

Then I tried it indoors on close objects with a manual focus lens, and kept getting error messages, either telling me I was moving too fast or wasn't moving in the direction of the arrow.  I thought for sure there was something wrong with my camera because it just wouldn't work.  But after some troubleshooting, I'm pretty sure the problem was light and focus.

With my manual lens, if I didn't have it focused right, or if object distance varied across the panorama so that the whole sweep wasn't in focus, the camera couldn't find good stitch points.  Also, in the dark indoors, the camera had to pump up ISO, and that may have also contributed to a lack of stitch points.

Try your camera in bright daylight with an AF lens.  If it works, then you probably have been having similar problems as me.  To get good panoramas, make sure the whole sweep field is in focus and that you have at least decent lighting.

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