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Re: Blast from the Past...Death of DX in sight?

rattymouse wrote:

Eric Jon Job wrote:

Eric Jon Job wrote:

zygh wrote:

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zygh wrote:

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I'm sensing that in five or so years that the DX/APS-C format may


I'll mark this thread and we'll see.

I'm ready to make an official bet with you for whatever sum of money
you want that in 5 years DX will still be going strong. Wanna do it?

No, I'm not the betting sort, and further, I'll be happy to be wrong. But let's both make an effort to dredge up this thread on January 30, 2013, and plan on having a good laugh.

To add to the fun, how about this (speaking of the Nikon world):

FX (full frame) in the D100/D200/D300 family by late 2009
FX in the upper end of the D70/D80/D90 family by early 2011
FX in the entry level cameras by late 2012

So, no, I don't think DX will disappear--perhaps that was too strong--but I think FX will be the de facto standard, and will be affordable, in five years.

Your predictions?

I decided to jump the gun a little.  It's not quite five years yet.  Mansurovs is predicting the death of DX.  We have mirrorless technology eating away at the DX format; the full frame D600 is out and used D700 cameras compete with DX models, putting full frame well into the hands of advanced amateurs and enthusiasts.  As for the D300 and D90 lines, they might be at the end of their respective runs.

Even though I shoot a D700 now, I sure wish Fuji had pulled off an FX S6 Pro.  I loved the Fuji color.

DX still outsells FX and shows no sign of disappearing.  The hottest new cameras, Fuji X-Pro 1, X-E1, Sony NEX, etc, are all DX.

Are those DX mirrorless?  I'm thinking more in terms with DX in DSLRs.  But the models you cite are just what the Photography Life article posits that may be the beginning of the end of the DX DSLR.

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