E-5 upgrade worth it?

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Re: E-5 upgrade worth it?

nyfalls wrote:

On the topic of "you can't make money with Olympus".... well... I do.. but I'm moving away from Olympus for professional work because Olympus cameras do not keep up to speed with the performance of cheaper cameras from other manufacturers.

I have had very nicely exposed, colorful photos taken at ISO 100/200 from the E5 with SGH lens completely rejected by stock companies because of noise in blue skies, chroma artifacts, and in one case, I had a reviewer reject a photo with a note: we don't accept photos from compact cameras (ouch). My most recent rejection was because 12 MP is not enough. Before anyone says it's my photography, it's not.  It's the Olympus sensor and the company's lack of understanding what a pro photographer really needs to succeed in this competitive market (hint-- it's not the ability to shoot in the rain)

I don't know why anyone would invest in an e5 now. It's a great camera, but you are eventually going to have to jump ship from standard 4/3 -- you may as well get it over with now. I wouldn't recommend Olympus m4/3 to anyone either. The zoom lenses are overpriced and underperform. Olympus' record on supporting systems is shot to hell. The other manufacturers are already producing better mirrorless cameras on their first and second tries, and you KNOW that everyone, including accessory makers, will follow the leaders and their excellent track record.

I received my E5 as a gift. I barely notice a difference from my e30, other than it's heavier. The photo quality has not changed significantly since the 520/30 generation.

I have the nikon d7000 I bought as a trial into another system. It doesn't feel as great as the E5 in my hands, but it shoots the pants off of the e5 in all situations, with my kit lens vs an SGH on the oly. It's almost funny, yet sad.

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Now that's funny right there...

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