HOT: Magic Lantern cracks the Canon EOS 7D!

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Re: re: trap focus in OVF - the major problem...

jpr2 wrote:

shleed wrote:

The OVF won't show custom graphics, because the LCD elements are pre-written onto the screen during production. Think of a Nintendo Game and Watch screen.

...but this can be changed in next incarnations of overlayed LCDs in OVF - say, in a similar way to what Fuji done with XP-1 or X100;

A Magic Lantern camera with hybrid Optical/EVF would prompt me to upgrade immediately.  Seriously - it would enable the superior, "unlimited" resolution of an OVF with EVF's potential of offering live histogram, focus peaking, and overexposure indicator and even exposure simulation, or light amplification in very low light situations.

I really, really dislike EVFs - they are battery hogs, have very limited resolution, and are difficult for critical focus unless you use a 5x or 10x magnified view (plus there is /always/ lag with digital video, no matter how minimal the lag may be), but a hybrid viewfinder would be a huge win. If battery life is a concern, just shut it off, but it's there when you need it.

the unsurmountable problem is the lack of signal from image sensor during mirror-down periods; and to change it would mean a complete shift in construction paradigm of [d]SLR, perhaps by reverting to the pellicle mirror design, or something even more ingenious;

that is ​without​ giving up on OVFs!! as much EVILs might be tempting... yet they are all still pretty far down the road of visual excellence - esp. in a very bright or even moderately low light situations = a perfect conditions for Sony's top of the line 2.4Mpx OLED EVF is a rather narrow range of a bright daylight of an overcast day   ,


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