D7000 Dust bunnies?

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Re: D7000 Dust bunnies?

This is very mild example of dust.  It may fall off the sensot by itself when you start camera next day. Nothing to be worry about and it does not require cleaning at this point (unles you insist).

The zoom lenses are breathing air in-and-out and such dust particles will be always getting in. Some days more then others.  When time comes and they become visible on your prints then you will need to wet-clean. It is easy, straight forward and you can do it yourself.  Do not worry.

At the begining I was favoring air blower, but one day I've got to much dust in the air blower and all that junck did end up on the sensor.  After that I was forced to do wet-cleaning and found it nice and easy... and most of all very efficient.  So, relax...  when you decide it is time to clean, get cleaning liquid and swabs at B&H or such...  Think you are cleaning finger neil... if needed, just repeat untill satisfied.     Nothing will go wrong if you use proper stuff.

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