The economics of timelapse on shutter actuations ....

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Re: The economics of timelapse on shutter actuations ....

nicola wrote:

Today I shot lesser than 2 mins worth of videoclip with a sacrifice of 3k clicks.

I believe a replacement shutter costs $450. If it lasts the rated 200,000 clicks (it could last longer) that is $0.0023 per click. So, the cost of 3,000 clicks would be $6.75. A cost of $3.38 per minute is amazingly cheap compared to doing it with 35mm movie film.

Why timelapse, as available on the D800, was not implemented in a different way, i.e. activating the sensor rather than using the shutter (not sure if my suggestion is feasible, but it's just a thought)!?!?!?

Leaving the sensor in Movie Live View would limit the filming time to 30 min.

Since when selling a camera on the second hand market, shutter actuations do influence the selling price, needless to say that today is going to be for me the first and last attempt at timelapse, unless I figure a different way that will not affect the shutter actuations counter....

Did you buy it to do photography and video? Or, did you buy it to resell?

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