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Re: Yeah, I can follow links too Bob...

bobn2 wrote:

Harsay wrote:

stdStan: with logic like that, they never would have built a D300 in the first place.

The spread between the DX and FX in 2007 was $1100, and it's still $1100 today (D300 vs D700 and D7000 vs D600).

That's a false comparison, because you are comparing the introductory MRSP on one camera with the street price of one that's been long in the market....

True comparison Bob... MSRP at the launch of the D600 was $999 vs. $2099.  The D7000 MSRP (not street price, not launch price, NIKON lowered the MSRP) is $999.  That's an $1100 spread in MSRP at the same time.  That's a fair comparison... there is obviously a slight closing of the gap, but it's not what you have made it out to be.

I suspect that the D600 was actually scheduled for launch at the D300 launch price of $1800, but Nikon realised they had left some money on the table with the D800, and bumped the price a little.

Or created the appropriate pricing strategy of the rolling lineup for the D400 introduction at $1799.

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