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Re: Pentax 50-135 - why is it always

Got the 50-135 as well, and the AF was always sluggish with this lens. That's not a defect or a SDM failure on my side, this is just one of the few flaws this lens has. It hunts quite a bit before it locks on, and even once it's got a lock, it may keep on hunting a bit if the subject moves a little too much (and that's in AF-S, not AF-C).

But I eventually got used to it and now I can say it's quite reliable on most subjects but sports. Use the center AF point instead of the other points if you can, as the center point is more accurate with fast lenses. Using the outer points meant I had inaccurate focus one out of three times. It's now down to one out of six-seven times instead.

What might help this lens would be having smaller AF points on the Pentax DSLR (I don't mean the visible AF point, but the real one, which is much larger than what you would expect looking in the viewfinder).

I think it's time Pentax updgrades its AF system to 30+ points. The new algorithms found on the K-5 II should put Pentax on par with the big two on speed and accuracy, adding more points should help Pentax get on par with flexibility.

Just my two cents.

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