Dx format is not dead yet...

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Re: Yeah, I can follow links too Bob...

stdStan: with logic like that, they never would have built a D300 in the first place.

The spread between the DX and FX in 2007 was $1100, and it's still $1100 today (D300 vs D700 and D7000 vs D600).

The D300 and D700 pretty much both had the latest autofocus sensor of the D3.  Same with the D7000 and the D600.

I'm sure I'll get the "i'm the only one who wants these things" but cameras are tools, and the assumed D400 is the right tool for a lot of people.  There are a lot of 20+ page threads on Nikon Rumors and nikonians of people who want one

If some people prefer the D7000 or D600 counterpart, that's fine.

AND... I also shoot with a D700 now, and have many thousands of dollars in FX glass... and to push the envelope to get better results for many situations, I still think that what the D400 is as we know it, is the right fit.  It's not snobbery like the occupiers might suggest.

Look, I work hard for my money, and the D7000 is also a nice camera... if it would work for what I need, I can buy a good used D7000 for $800... then I would certainly buy it. It doesn't. I was at a MotoGP race in 2011 and borrowed a D7000 to see how it works with the 70-200 and 1.4X and it sucks. The 3D and Auto is totally lost, although it works better without the TC as it needs a lot of light, and perhaps slower targets, and still requires the target to be in center.  Using the single focus point is the only option and it's slow.

The D300S does much better, and can do some other things that the D7000 can't, and it handles better for changing AE/AF settings for me without fumbling around. On the D700, the same AF sensor is even quicker than the D300S, even using the 1.7X TC.

I want to go to the next level, and can't simply do a D4 with a 300 F2.8.  The D800 gets closer with the 36MP and a lot of cropping, but I would prefer a D400 with a higher frame rate, little bit lower price, etc.  The fact is that I need better auto-focus performance... like the D300S spread with a much faster processor.  More megapixels is not the top priority. Actually the D7000 sensor would be fine for me, but the rest of the package is no step up, but rather a step backwards.  I do like the U1/U2 as I have said before.

Why on earth would I want a D600 instead??? You guys keep saying that the upgrade for the D300 users is the D600 (Nikon doesn't even agree with that, so get off of that horse).

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