Using AF Tuning on a 70-200: when to send in for repair?

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Re: Just had my D800 serviced for the defective left AF bank

Michael Benveniste wrote:

Had you been testing your lenses as rigorously as you think you have, you couldn't have helped but notice it before.

Never said I have tested "rigorously" ... In fact what I have come to realize is that I never paid enough attention to pre-repair test images at 70mm on this lens ... with the +20.  Looking at those today, I can see the +20 @ 70mm still have noticeable FF.

And the notion that the high resolution of the D800 may reveal more previously unnoticed flaws is not a new idea ...

Sorry, the Canon shooters I know disagree.  That also seems to be the case with the people posting on the Canon forum here.

Matter of opinion ... not my experience, or what many Canon shooters have said over the years ... I sent my lenses in every 4 years or so for service ... per Canon's recommendation.

If you're so comfortable, why are you afraid to have someone else check your results?

Matter of convenience ... both time, and having someone nearby that could check.  But testing lenses is pretty straight forward ... but I understand that some people may not be comfortable doing that, so no offense intended.

I'm sorry you feel that way.  I see your mind is already made up, and you just posted this because you were looking for approval.  I won't confuse you with the facts any more.  Enjoy your placebo.

No, was looking for opinions from others with this lens who may have thoughts or insights ... sorry but your comments seemed to offer neither.

The only person on this thread that seemed to have their minds made up from their first commentary is you.  You're next statement confirms that, which is a reiteration of your opening comment.  Somehow you managed to conclude that a zoom lens that is spot on at one end, and more than a dozen clicks off at the other, is just someone's imagination.

Those of us you either a) buy Nikon gear and end up paying for unnecessary warranty work, or b) read these threads.

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