P7700, G15 image samples now at Imaging Resource

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Re: ISO vs. zoom

ebsilon wrote:

Mirfak wrote:

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

The Nikon 7700 looks really good to me way better than the Canon. I particularly like the noise grain at 1600 with the Nikon it looks like film somewhat.

Agree completely. By contrast, the G15 image at 1600 has that watercolor look in several areas.

To me IQ at ISO1600 would not be a decisive factor for buying a compact camera - then I'd pull out the DSLR. I'd guess that with the new faster lenses, one should not have to venture beyond ISO400 very often for most shooting.

You are right these compacts are not meant for that and 1600 is pushing it but there are times where it's necessary for example tonight I am headed out to a party and I refuse to lug around a camera and two lenses but I do want to take some pics so I am bringing along my RX100 for the job and it fits right into my pocket, which is great. But for me, as of late I check 1600 at most and performance of camera as a deciding factor needless to say I haven't had a compact for a long while. I do like what I see with the grain in the Nikon though I know its probably not too popular with lots of people it seems they prefer smooth and flat I prefer texture and modulation. I think who ever is working the ISO's for Nikon is approaching it more of like artist than whoever is doing the Canon for now.

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