Dynamic range settings for the A16 24-85 camera unit

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Re: Dynamic range settings for the A16 24-85 camera unit

On request of a visitor of the Ricohforum, I added a comparison of "strong" photos with photos without DR compensation, which were processed in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (Mac) using the Shadow/Highlight function at 25% for the shadows (default setting -- usually I use lower values):http://www.waloszek.de/gxr_dr_a162485_e.php

I added links to the original files (which take quite a lot of Web space...) so that you can experiment yourself and look for details. Also note that there are slight differences in sharpness between the photos because these were taken hand-held.
Best regards, Gerd
Two examples:

DR compensation "strong"

No DR compensation, processed in Adobe PSE 9 (Mac) using the default setting (25%)

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