Panasonic lenses on the OM-D: your experience

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Re: 100-300 mm experience

Anders W wrote:

wazu wrote:

I only have 1 Panasonic lens 100-300 which was decided upon against the 75-300 Olympus for it's slightly faster f-stop and more reasonable price. There is a lack of snappiness in focus acquisition compared to the Olympus lenses, however I can usually fault lack of contrast or low light as the cause. I haven't needed to power cycle the camera to reset the lens for any reason. I am using fw1.5 now and aside from the fantastic improvement of IBIS only activating during shutter press I haven't noticed any focusing improvements. Before I bought this lens I tried the 4/3 70-200/2.8 Olympus with a converter. It rattlesnaked every shot in bright sunlight, so I didn't buy that option.

With all the comments about CA using the 12-35 and 7-14 on OMD bodies I am disinclined to purchase these lenses. It's really dissapointing that the commonality of the two partners only goes so far. That said I will consider the 35-100 when reviews indicate it performs well with the OMD, but I don't have my hopes up after seeing the issues with the 12-35.

Don't know why you would want to abstain from using either of these lenses with the OMD unless you are shooting OOC jpegs only (in which case the lack of in-camera correction of lateral CA is an issue with all Oly bodies, not just the E-M5). And even then it doesn't help all that much to stick with Oly lenses only since quite a few of them show quite a bit of lateral CA too, clearly enough to warrant correction.

Although, as a RAW shooter, I am not personally affected, it remains a mystery to me that Oly refrains from correcting lateral CA in their bodies. It's easy to do, has virtually no downsides, and even their own lenses, not just the Pany ones, would benefit significantly.


the lack of an option to engage/disengage CA correction (similar to the option for vignetting that is present in the E-M5) is annoying.

I shoot only RAW, so I can fix the CA in post, but still this will result in at least some "click" more in the overall workflow, and sometimes the automatic correction has a side result of a slight color shift of all the picture. A dedicated local CA fix is preferred but it's more time consuming.

In addition, the lack of CA correction in Olympus bodies affect all the movies, and this aspect is difficult to fix, is time consuming and it's not lossless for the IQ (you have to re-encode the movie).

So I strongly hope that Olympus will reconsider their questionable position in this regard for the future, but frankly I will not bet on it...


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