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Oly E10 wrote:

As a point of interest is there any rhyme or reason as to why Apple are still putting 5400rpm

drives in their non Retina MacBooks?

A 5400rpm drive will run OSX and 'most' applications just as well as a 7200rpm drive but will use less power, generate less heat, make less noise and be cheaper.

The performance difference between a 5400 and 7200 is tiny compared to the difference between the fastest 7200 and the SSDs used in the 2012 machines.

The fastest 2012 macbook pros will be 'about' 20% faster than the fastest 2011 machines but when you take into account the native SSD speed (very fast) and USB 3.0 speed vs USB 2.0 the actual 'real world' difference between 2011 and 2012 machines could be quite big depending on what you're doing and how you do it.

For example I upgraded a dual core 2009 13" to a quad core 2012 retina and while my benchmark score quadrupled the real world improvements I've seen are in the region of 1500% (Yes that's key tasks being fifteen times quicker). This is of course on a specific task but it's the task I need to do hundreds of times a day and is heavily reliant on speed of SSD, CPU speed, multi-threading capacity and speed of RAM - all of which are dramatically improved on the retina.

Note: It's actually x20 the speed but as the accuracy of timing at sub 1second levels compared to 20seconds on the old machines means I just say x15 when in reality I know it's AT LEAST x20.

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