Would anyone buy D lenses over G lenses just for build quality?

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Re: Aperture ring ...

anotherMike wrote:

OT, I shoot with many of the same lenses you do on a D800E (I love my 24/1.4G and my 200/2G), and can only suggest that you don't overlook the 85/1.8G just because it's not 1.4 or not expensive. It might be my sharpest lens outside of the center zones of the 200/2, which should say something. It is sharper in the borders and edges than the 60/2.8G AFS at moderate to long distances - easily. Impressive piece of glass for not a lot of coin. Not the fastest focusing lens, no, and like you, I wish there was a high end 50 offering from Nikon. Perhaps one of these years. We can dream, right?

Have a good day....


Thanks. I own and love my 85 1.4G. I hear the 1.8 is good but I buy fast lenses for the ability to shoot wide open. Thus wider is always preferable for me.

The 60 macro isn't a miracle. It is better than the 50's though and very reasonably priceWhen may buy A 50 1.4 to pair with a V2 when it's released. It'd be 135 equivalent and could be a very nice portrait lens.

A high end 50 has to come. Maybe with the next high MP body?

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