Flowers, bees and butterflies. Canon 7D and EF-s 60 macro

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phill104 wrote:

I've been enjoying the same setup this past year.  The 60 is a great little lens. I was quite suprised by the wide aperature you have been using in your shots though. The depth of field in your images seems larger than I would have thought you would have got at that distance.

The setup I have been using is quite different. For instance when using an off camera flash (really easy handheld using the superb wireless flash facility of the 7D) I have been using F16-F22 - 1/250th most of the time. I usually resort to the small aperature when shooting much closer than you have been and especially if I am using extension tubes in combination to the EF-S60. Seems to work really well.

When shooting in natural light with larger insects such as Dragonflies I have been using extension tubes on the 100-400 which has worked well for me. I have found that it is very hard to get a decent shot in natural light on the 60.

Your shots often focus on the flower rather than the insect, I tend to shoot the other way round focusing on the insect as the main subject matter. I suppost that shows how little interest I have in flowers.


Thanks for the comments and tips. And yes, I love flowers :-). I'm not too much into macro but like to take photos here and there when I have the chance. It was a windy day and the insects were flying around like crazy, I was surprised that the pictures were not that blurry. Winter is upon us in northern Wisconsin so I will have to try your method and hope for the best next spring. Trial and error sometimes is the best way to learn! I also have the 100-400 which I use a lot for sports, which extensions tubes do you use?

Thanks again,


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