Q 07 Lens Speculation

Started Sep 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
jgoring Regular Member • Posts: 159
Re: Q 07 Lens Speculation - fast has trade offs

I recently purchased a Pentax F1.0 8-48mm CCD lens (C-mount) to use with the Q.  A lot of c-mount video lenses have crazy large apertures.  And in fact, bokeh is huge beyond 15mm or so.  But of course the trade off is the thing is big (for a Q lens anyway), and while it works great as a long, fast video lens on the Q, it simply doesn't have the resolution to make high quality printable images, even at more modest apertures like 5.6, or 8.  Am deciding wether to put it back up on eBay, or keep filming the son's Lacrosse games for a while.  It DOES so well at that.  I am pretty sure I'd be happier with the planned 2.8 fast tele zoom with crisper optics.

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