Nex 6: sufficient quality to trump any need for the RX-1?

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Re: Humbly I say the question would be ...

35mm FOV on full-frame or its ASP-C or m4/3 equivalent is very useful for a fixed-lens setup.  With a tighter FOV, e.g., 50mm, one cannot get more in if one wants/needs it without backing up which often may be impossible given the surroundings or time constraints.  With 35 one can, and to go tighter just crop.  With a good lens, cropping isn't an IQ destroyer.

In film days (Remember film?) I had the fine Konica Hexar Silver w/ 35/2.  Great IQ though personally I don't "see" photographically in that FOV.  I prefer the "normal" 45 or 50.  That said, for me the perfect compromise was the Rollei 35S w/ 40/2.8 and the Leitz-Minolta CL w/ 40/2.  Currently my Oly EPL-1 w/ Panny 20/1.7 (40mm FF equivalent) is "in the mail."

Sony's RX1 is expensive--for me.  But for others it isn't.  Spend and let spend.  Whatever floats one's boat.

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