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Re: ZS19 help

Trista71 wrote:

Just got the ZS19.  I'd welcome any tips and tricks.  Also, does anyone know how to turn off, if you can, the touch screen?


I had the same problem with the touch screen - it kept taking unwanted pictures(often of my feet) when I happened to touch the screen. Drove me crazy.

There's good news & bad news:

The BAD news is, I don't think it can be actually turned off.

The GOOD NEWS is that there are 2 little icons in the lower right corner and the upper one will turn off the unwanted picture taking. The lower one is a zoom control.

Applies to ZS20 also.

Tip & tricks? Use "A" mode and adjust for the widest aperture setting (ƒ3.3) which gives the sharpest results - as you zoom, it will still keep the opening as wide as possible although the number  will change to ƒ6.4 at full zoom - that's still the widest setting: the number is not a dimension, it's the RATIO between the actual size of the opening and the actual focal length. The actual (not equivalent) focal length of this camera is so short - 4.3mm at the widest setting that there is all the "depth of field" you could want, and "stopping down" does little good for that, but quickly softens the image due to diffraction.


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